Product Issued Description Electrical Ratings Certificate
Analog/Digital Integrator
Model 4P
A simple multi-function controller designed for use with sampling systems or odorant injection systems.
This board will perform operations based on time or proportionality to the input signal from devices such as turbine meters with signal conditioners, or flow computers.
It can function as a counter, timer, or analog to digital integrator dependent upon the position of the dip switches on the control board.
This unit is intended to be used in a control system of a manufacturing process.
Input - Class 2, Maximum 28 VAC
Output - Class 2, Maximum 30 VAC
Logic Signal - Class 2, Maximum 24 VDC
6Tc Timer

A programmable electronic device primarily used to control sample pumps, chemical injection pumps and oil injection pumps. This device can operate a solenoid proportional to time or proportional to flow via an open collector or dry contact.

Class I, Groups C & D
Hazardous locations
Temperature Code T3C